Michael Dempster

(Centre for Financial Research, University of Cambridge)

A Behavioural Theory of Government Expenditure

Wednesday 28 May, 5pm

Emmanuel College, Gardner Room

Adrian Pabst

(University of Kent)

The Constitutional vs. the Contractualist Tradition: A Foundational Divide in Political Economy

6 February 2014, 5pm

Emmanuel College, College Museum

Michael Landesmann

(Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies and Johannes Kepler University)

‘North-South’ Divides in European Integration: Dilemmas of Structural Convergence and External Imbalances

23 January 2014, 5pm

Emmanuel College, Harrods Room

Lilia Costabile

(University of Naples “Federico II”)

Escaping from Silver Fetters: Virtuous and Vicious Interactions between the Real and the Paper Economy

21 May 2013, 5pm

Emmanuel College, Upper Hall